Rate Of Diabetes Soars Rapidly In New South Wales

Few days back the Diabetes Council Australia has released the data, which has stated that the rates of diabetics are increasing in New South Wales by leaps and bound, in specific the rates are much more higher in some specific regions such as Sydney West and the State’s Coastal Regions.

Approximate figure has stated only in the state of Mount Druitt, a rapid number of people have become the victim of this terrible disease and according to the record more than 11,000 people of this state have become the victim of this.

Not only that, this figure is near about same in the other parts also like Sidney north, south and suburbs.

Some coastal regions including Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour have already experienced a high rate of this disease since the period of 2005, while the rate of it jumped from 33 percent to 44 percent within no time.

With the sequence to the fact Dr Alan Barclay, council’s doctor, stated “This figure can not be fully blamed on the poor food choice or low incomes.”

Later he also added “The traffic congestion and retiring sea changers of the region Sydney are also playing an important part in order to drive up these figure.”

Dr Barclay also said “Our first and for most duty is to think about the transport into the Sydney’s CBD, as an example due to poor public transport and slow traffic, the people of Sydney have to spend a lot of extra time in their working days. As a result it often disturbs their daily schedule, so I think that they also do not get enough time for preparing nutritious food or doing any physical exercise.”

Though Dr. Barclay mentioned later that this disease even also could develop with the age and peaked at the age of retirement, which was 60 years.

This report also stated that a significant amount of sufferers, who lived in those areas were highly unemployment.