Researches show Excessive WeightLoss Attempts could increase Risks of Various Diseases and even Heart Attack !

Looking slim and attractive is everyone’s dream and a large number of people try to gain their desired physique by either dieting or taking weight reducing medicines. Many are seen looking at branded supplements that help to either remove excess fat from the body or to tone up body muscles to look thinner. Many desert food and survive on juices and slimming pills without realizing how dangerous it can be for their own body in the long run.

Harmful effects
The latest research indicates that people who cut down on food to reduce weight are constantly under the threat of having deficiency diseases or heart attack. Not only these, it is also not advisable to use weight reducing pills inappropriately, as inappropriate use of such medications could possibly increase the risk of skin diseases and speeds up the process of aging and slows metabolism. This could result in depression especially for those who love to look beautiful.

Work out the way you like
Exercise may appear to be an ordeal for some people who find taking pills an easy way out to look thinner. You can simply start with a brisk walk and gradually increase you time… You can join a dance class which is another way of reducing weight, toning body and improving blood circulation. Hike, swim or kayak, you need to find out the way you want to burn your calories. If you join a gym it will be more than good but it’s not necessary there are other ways to start. You can find a suitable area where you can move around freely. You may ask a few friends to join you as sometimes company makes the most boring tasks enjoyable. Music can be a great addition to begin and later enjoy exercise. Research shows that it makes you feel more active during workout time.

Go slow
Do not expect drastic changes in you in just ten days. Many people give up exercise because they do not find much difference after a week or so. You will need to go slow and maintain your patience

Live a healthy life
If you start exercising after consulting your physician there is no way you can not only perk up your health but also your looks. There are many types of ways to exercise which you can adopt according to your work schedule. When you maintain a regular exercise routine you will definitely feel younger, healthier and beautiful.