Restoring Male Hormone

Some men are not familiar with men’s health. The answer is just easy; it refers to health issues that specify the human male anatomy. There is a need for men to restore their testosterone level after their 40th birthday since the hormone starts decreasing after that age. By the time you hit male hits the age of 80, the testosterone levels are going to be around half of what it had been when they were a strapping 20 year old youth.

If the testosterone, levels are low, the person is unable to function sexually well, and this results in anxiety and stress, especially, if the person already married. Testosterone also plays got a vital role to maintain youthful neurological structure, alleviation of depression, and inducing fat loss in those who can not reduce body weight despite diet and exercise. Low testosterone can be linked with metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Male hormone replacement among youthful people that range in middle-aged and obese men may result in a rise, in insulin sensitivity and a decrease in total cholesterol, fat mass, diabetes, and the metabolic syndrome. Male hormone restoration got a vital role in improving erectile function and sexual, functional capacity in human males that have a weak heart.

Factors Affecting Testosterone Levels in Men?

• Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone formed from cholesterol. DHEA can yield either estrogens or testosterone via two step enzymatic conversions. The level of DHEA has a critical role to determine the levels of testosterone and estrogen present in the blood. Among aging men, DHEA alone can not sufficiently stimulate male hormone replacement.

• Aromatase is another factor, which affect testosterone levels in men. Aromatase is enzyme, converting testosterone to estrogen, therefore, developing the hormone levels.

• Obesity also decreases testosterone. The same thing applies to particularly young men below the age of 40.

• The liver is responsible in removing excess estrogen and sex hormone that binds globulin (SHBG) from the bloodstream. If your liver does not function optimally then, the result is going to be less testosterone and more estrogen that leads to hormonal imbalance.

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy:

More and more men are now into testosterone so that they could check the gradual decline of this important hormone. The hormone not taken as a pill since it affects the liver. Testosterone considered as toxic to the liver.

Always remember the need to consult a physician’s prescription before embarking on an effective testosterone replacement therapy. An experienced physician is going to prescribe bioidentical testosterone creams that can buy from a local compounding pharmacy.

Other physicians may opt to prescribe prepackaged, hormonal patches and gels already approved by the FDA. Bioidentical testosterone raises free male hormone in the blood. Prepackaged testosterone gels are extremely expensive as compared to compounded versions.