Roundworms Hold On To Anti Aging

A new study has claimed that roundworms and anti aging shares a link between them. Detailed research about roundworms can be helpful to discover the way, leads to anti aging, believe the researchers. Cynthia Kenyon who is a biochemist along with her researcher team at the Hillblom Center for the Biology of Aging became successful to increase the life time of roundworms six-fold by interfering and operating a gene in their body. Now the human connection is they share the gene with humans. The name of the gene is the daf-2.

Roundworms originally have very short life spans. They become matured within 10 days of their birth and then live to two weeks hardly. Cynthia Kenyon and her colleagues by manipulating the mentioned gene managed to decelerate the aging course of roundworms and thus increase their life span to 84 days or 12 weeks. According to them the same process if applied to human that will make them live to 480 years of age.

Cynthia Kenyon while communicating with the ABC News has mentioned that they never thought that something like that is ever possible. When they found that after crossing their age limit the roundworms were still alive they were utterly surprised. Cynthia Kenyon in the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conference which was held in Edinburgh has also disclosed that daf-2 is the same gene that is responsible to enable people to live up to 100 years. The activity of the gene indicates to mutation.

Cynthia Kenyon has claimed that further researches about the characteristics and activities of the gene daf-2 will be helpful to reveal the unknown fact behind different life spans of various animals. She has also claimed that within 15 years they will successfully bring drugs to prolong youth. Now it is time to just wait and look forward.