Smiling Can Cause To Look Younger

Almost every woman wants to look young all the time. That’s why they keep trying face lift treatment or anti aging creams to hold on to the young look. But to their utter surprise a recent study has claimed that not any face lift treatment or anti aging cream but a smile can store the desired young look of women.

The study has reported that a person who stays happy all the time and keep smiling looks younger than persons of the same age. People also find them attractive than others. It seems like the act of smiling binds the age preventing it to increase.

When a person lives his or her life under constant tension, depression or grief it can be seen on his or her face. He or she looks older than he or she actually is. The wrinkles that appears due to tension or depression can be removed by simply smiling.

Manuel Voelkle, of the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, asked over 150 men and women of different ages to judge the ages of the faces in more than 1,000 photographs. Mr. Manuel Voelkle who was related to the study selected 150 people. He showed them nearly 1000 photographs of different facial expressions and requested them to judge the ages from the photographs. The researcher group has found that the facial expressions influence the accuracy of judgment. Normal face expressions were easy to judge while the smiling and sad expressions were hard to judge.

The researchers also found that old aged faces were hard to judge than young aged faces. Another aspect of the study result was that elderly people added two or more years to the actual age of the photographed people while younger people did the reverse.

The study result was published in the journal Psychology and Aging.