Social Networking Has Become Bigger Concern Than Diet

A recent survey has declared that social networking website like Facebook and Finances are a greater source of worry for the patients including the children who always concerns about his/ her diet as well as lifestyle.

With the sequence to the fact and being a part of Mother and Children life a survey from the Philips Centre for Health and Well-being had done earlier which stated that more than 1,560 patients all across the UK were exactly worried most of the time that their children were growing older.

This survey result shows the entire lists of top level of the anxiety where the financial concerns are cited by the 50% of the patients, drugs by the 49 % as well as 43% of patients are suffering from influence of social media.

In practical only 28% of the patients were worried about their children in the matter of having proper and healthy diet, but another 24% were concerned about their obesity. Moreover the result also shows that more than 21% were too much worried about their children in the matter of having adequate access in order to sport as well as leisure facilities.

In this matter Dr. Gerd Gotz, from the Philips Centre stated “In today’s fast life in the region of volatile financial climate as well as the region of social media it is very clear that patients are now very much concerning with the immediate challenge which they have to face on daily basics.”

This survey has also cleared that near about 34% of mother said that they have not get enough time to give Brest feed to their baby, though they know very well that Brest feed is the best for their newborn child. Though it’s entirely depends on their working habits after having a children.

The survey result also stated that only 21% of women stopped their working after their baby was born, though another 24 % generally reduced their working hours, while another 16% again back to their general working life. With the sequence to the fact only 7 % of fathers stopped working after the birth of their new baby, while 71% back to their normal working hours.

So, here above all this segment it has cleared that “Financial need” is the one and only main reason behind their going back to normal working hours by both men and women.