Studies Focus Of Saving Children From Become Obese

According to latest survey and studies, strategies that help in controlling obesity in children can be realistically implemented. Healthy eating, positive attitude and a good amount of physical activity are among the few steps that are to be taken in order to prevent obesity in children. Prof. Elizabeth Waters from the McCaughey Centre in the University of Melbourne, Australia, the lead researcher of the study, has said that not taking steps in the direction of curbing obesity can do a lot of harm, given the rate at which obesity in increasing in the present world. The children being targeted in the study are between the ages of sic and twelve.

Obesity in childhood can cause a number of problems, besides causing a lot of physical illnesses. Undesirable psychological and social side effects of obesity are major problems. Further, obesity during childhood can lead to serious repercussions in the future. The present study aims at looking for means that can help prevent obesity in children in the best way possible. The research was conducted by an international team of researchers, the leader being Prof. Waters.

Unfortunately, the trend in childhood obesity is on an alarming rise and statistics show that the number has almost triples in the past 5 years. Also, trials to help children control obesity has increased from twenty two in 2005 to fifty five in 2011. Since the information available is greater now, the researchers could undertake the study with a greater depth. The major factor that contributes to obesity in children is lack of proper nutrition. Added to this is the growing trend of sedentary lifestyle among children. Therefore, a large number of programs are aimed at inducing more physical activity and improving nutrition for children. Researchers said that in order to fight obesity, it is as important to bring a change in the environment as it is to bring a change in behavior.

The major changes that are encouraged as per the present study as increasing opportunities that make children indulge in physical activities, improving the quality of food offered in the school, encouraging healthy eating habits, encouraging pockets of activity all through the day, training teachers in developing strategies for improved health of students and involving parents and encouraging them to implement better food habits and active lifestyle at home. Waters said that by teaching children the right lifestyle , they can not only be protected from the dangers of childhood obesity but will also be able to lead a healthy adult life.