‘Superfoods’ – Only Foods Not Super Heroes

Many of us think that Superfoods can help us preventing many of our health problems, including High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Fat Issue and even Cancer! But a recent study has proved that the term Superfoods has no scientific background and the term in fact has any clear definition.

The research firm YouGov has run the study mentioned above and has disclosed that nearly 11 percent of British people think that Superfoods has potential to prevent cancer and except from this many of the British people rely on Superfoods than a balanced diet to solve various health issues.

The study result revealed that 55 people among every 100 British people are interested in eating Superfoods, because they think it is beneficial to their health. Among these people 38 percent of people rely on Superfoods for additional health advantages, while 21 percent of them believe that eating Superfoods can reduce the chances of Cancer.

Experts have expressed the view that people are not right in thinking about such unique health related benefits of Superfoods. According to them Superfoods do not supply any extra health benefits than other normal and common healthy foods including fruits, vegetables etc. According to their detailed discussion some Superfoods like popcorn and acai berries are believed to have Anti Cancer Elements, while they have no extra health advantage than some dry foods, apples and whole grains. People have a belief that Superfoods like almonds and black rice help in reducing weight and the risk of cardiovascular diseases respectively. But by an analysis of these foods’ contents scientists have shown that almond contains lots of calorie and black rice, which is believed to have the unique ability to prevent the risk of heart diseases to share this ability with much cheaper wholegrain.

Superfoods can be helpful, but only as a part of a Balanced Healthy Diet. But they alone can serve all the health benefit is an absurd think to believe. People who think in this way often suffered from increasing health problems, because their expectation from the Superfoods that they can remove bad effects of eating unhealthy foods is impossible to be satisfied.