Taking Cartinoids May Lead To Cancer Reappearance

A recent study revealed that some specific kind of antioxidants increase risk of breast cancer for women. The researchers observed nearly 2300 women, who were suffering from breast cancer at a primary stage. They found that women, who took vitamins C and vitamins E on a regular basics, were less prone to cancer reappearance in five years than those women, who took cartenoids that generally include vitamin A, beta carotene and lutein.

The task of antioxidant is to prevent our cells from oxidative impairment. On the other hand, drugs that are given for cancer treatment cause the oxidative impairment. So it is crystal clear to us that antioxidants stand in the way of cancer drugs and prevent it to work properly.

In the present case study researchers found that nearly 81 percent of the women, who were within the scope of their study took antioxidants within two years of their being diagnosed. While observing them for five years the researchers came to know that women, who took antioxidants like vitamin C or E per day less likely to have cancer reappearance. The ratio is such that of 540 women, who had a common thing in them that they all took vitamin C, only 15 percent had to suffer from cancer again, while 19 percent of 1072 women, who did not took the vitamin suffered from cancer again. The relation for vitamin E is almost the same.

But in case of taking cartenoids per day, 18 percent of 89 women, who took them forced themselves to a higher risk of cancer reappearance, while 7 percent of them, who did not take it shifted themselves to a much secure position.

Heather Greenlee, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Columbia University in New York believed that the fashion of taking high dose cartinoids should be changed. Although it is not yet proved that cartinoids cause breast cancer at any rate, it definitely increases the risk of having cancer back.