Teenagers Are Not Aware Of The Sun Risks

In every four out of the ten teenagers always think it is very good to lie in the sun for one to two hours without taking any protection, which is according to a poll. Also the survey related to the Teenage Cancer Trust also resulted that near about 15% of the young people always think that sun beds are one of the good way to build up a bas tan against the sun. So, more than one in every three in Britain always says that they do no wear sun cream even in hot days, while there more than a half does not know yet how to apply this sun cream.

There a lots of people who always think that the total usage of the sun cream should be rubbed, despite of the recommendations for leaving a film on the skin surface in order to get maximum protection.

The poll of thirteen to twenty-four years olds also found one in each and every ten who think that sun beds are safe if it is used once a week. But one in 10 by mistakenly trust that this fake tans can even create skin cancer.

In this purpose Simon Davies, the chief executive of the Teenage Cancer Trust, told “If the damage of the sun occur to the skin even in young ages then it can even lead towards skin cancer in later life that is why these findings are too much worrying.”

The rates of skin cancer between the aged of 15 to 34 have now been tripled since the late 1970s.

Greater than two baritones under the age of 25 are diagnosed with melanoma everyday, which is the main deadliest form of the skin cancer.