Save Environment from The Bad effects of Air Pollution

Whether we want to acknowledge this fact or even feel about it, air pollution is a genuine problem, one which continues to influence our environment and our daily lives each and every day. Even though people who live in countryside areas can easily forget that such a problem exists as they do not see smog and factories on a regular basis or remember its causes fewer cars on the roads, it is a very real problem that affects everybody. But in this present day scenario we simply can not ignore this potential threat called pollution.

For example, when driving past a factory pumping smoke clouds high into the sky, or when standing in traffic jam smelling the exhaust of the car in front of us, it is hard not to imagine what damage it is doing to our body. Air pollution comprises of different types of chemicals and gases being passed into our atmosphere. The most important reason of this unwanted pollution is the number of vehicles which are increasing day by day. Secondary to that are industrial factories that discharge dirty and dangerous smokes and fumes into the atmosphere.

Usually in the morning time and the evening’s people go for increased outdoor activity and fun. But, besides the warmer temperatures coming there also arises the concerns about the air quality. Apart from the pollution, the temperature and particles and matter, the air becomes thicker and heavy, making it much harder for patient’s suffering from asthma and other air borne problems difficult to breathe. First of all, fuel combustion exhausts from car engines is a lethal addition to the air we breathe.

Throughout this process, the fuel is consumed in the combustion process in which a hydrocarbon reacts with oxygen in the air to liberate energy. The by-product, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are discharged into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, also a byproduct, forces heat to stay near the surface of the earth also adds up to global warming. Air pollution has been connected with numerous types of illnesses such as strokes, heart issues and breathing problems.
The Studies and the reports have found out that high nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide levels place people at greater risk for headaches, thus enabling more emergency room visits during the summer. The cause is that the pollutants have inflammatory effects on the blood vessels. Inflammation weakens the body’s defenses against disease. Free radicals are responsible for disease.

The increasing incidents of breast cancer have also been associated to higher than normal levels of nitrogen dioxide. Fuel combustion has been shown to increase inflammation in the body with cases of appendicitis being linked to this pollutant. Air pollution is responsible for global warming. This phenomenon shows the way to the steady but continual increase of the temperature of our planet. It has already started showing its affect in the whole ecosystems, and if it is not stopped, it will melt the polar ice bergs which will move up the sea levels.