The Captain America hormone

If one have watched Captain America: The First Avenger on the big screen, then the secret of how the slender teens transforming into the muscle-bound hero Captain America is no more secret.  From then on he could do a lot of wonders as he has a physically able body.  I’m not going to tell the story about Captain America since almost everyone knows about the story.  This is not about Captain America.

This is about the muscle growth that the teen undergoes in the movie.  Turning the weakling body to the muscle-bound body.  This is not a science fiction anymore as a scientist has already identified the hormone which stops the body from growing.  Once that hormone eliminated then the body will grow at a rapid state.

Do not think for a second that one would look like the “Incredible Hulk” since the body has their natural limit on how much it could grow.  The body will stop growing when it reaches the maximum mass that the person is capable.  Anyone does not need to worry about having an overgrown body not proportionate to their head.

The thin man is inside the white casket to grow his body, as told in the story of Captain America.  In reality, the person does not need to do that.  All he needs could probably just be an injection of amino acid that could stop the anti-growth gene.  The protein which helps eliminate, myostatin (stops muscle growth) is follistatin (eliminate myostatin).

Biologist Brian Kaspaer from the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio says the treatment is going to need a series of injection for the next six weeks.  Within that period, the person, who undergoes the treatment will notice that their muscle mass is improving from time to time.

The discovery will not be used to create a massive army of super soldiers as the movie implies.  It would be used for medical purpose.

Kaspaer claims that eliminating the myostatin means eliminating the break on muscle mass.

To do this, he has taken out the DNA that produces amino acid follistatin and inserts it into a virus stripped out, except the shell.  The amino acid is going to be injected into the person, who wants a bulk body.

Once inside the body, it works by shutting down the myostatin.  Within six weeks, the muscle becomes bigger.

The treatment, however, has not been tested on humans before.  Dr Kaspaer needs the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, before they could test it on humans.


*Credit to Johann Dirry for pointing out our overlook in above content :-
– correcting the articles [ myostatin and follistatin are Proteins (Amino-Acids) ]
– healthy body builds the right proteins without medical help if the food consumption allows it and the training requires the body to do so.