The Sun Beats The Sunscreen

An honorable skin cancer doctor stated “Applying the sunscreen in appropriate amount and staying out of the sun jointly reduce the rate of skin cancer than any other SPF 50 sunscreen.”

In this case, Standards Australia stated yesterday that due to the consumer demand and citing public interest on using the sunscreen the authority of the sunscreen already lifted the SPF limit to 50 +. But, the main fact is the Australians in general do not buy any sunscreen product which SPF rate is above SPF 30, though there lots of products are being available in the other countries which SPF rate is up to 100.

With the sequence to the fact, the organization also stated “This new standard of the sunscreen would quite be able to bring Australia in line in the case of trends and the cancer protection region.”

But, there still some claims from that the company side also which are stating that sunscreen always protect the skin, though it can be considered as one of the company’s selling strategy.

The Cancer Council said “This move can even provide a making advantage to the selling of the sunscreen. Though, aside from that, it can even lull people towards a false sense of encourage and security from the longer exposure to the sun.”

So, it can be clearly said that SPF 50 will not be able to make any huge changes overall.

Jeffrey Keir, the doctor of Northern Rivers Skin Cancer Clinic stated “SPF 50 will come out along with an advantage for a sub group, because it is associating with immunosuppressive disorders.”

Later he also added “It may provide a limited benefit to the average consumer, so the overall people are highly needed to get the habit of relaying on sunscreen out of their normal habit.”

“In case of ordinary parson, it is highly necessary to avoid only the midday sun” he added that later.