Try Sleeping On Your Left Side During Pregnancy Period

A study has formed little day earlier which has stated that sleeping on the left side during the period of pregnancy is much more beneficial for women, because it helps a lot to avoid still birth risk.

To justify the entire fact the researchers from the University of Auckland had compared 155 women who had late 310 still births during their healthy pregnancy period.

Sleeping at the right side or back side in general doubled the risk, but in few cases or one in each 1000 cases left sided sleeping creates some problem.  Moreover, lying on the left side aids the blood flow to their new born, because during this period the major blood vessels of the mothers are unimpeded by a heavy womb.

With the sequence to the fact Daghni Rajasingam of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists quoted in BBC “There are many factors playing different role in still birth such as, congenital anomalies, increasing maternal age, congenital anomalies, ethnicity, obesity and placental conditions. Though, this significant number can not be explained in word.”

Later they also added “Though this small scale study is indicating another possible factor, but more researches are needed to be done in justifying the sleeping pattern before any firm condition over the sleeping positions can be made.”

With the sequence to the fact Rajasingam also stated “During this time women should share all of their feelings with their midwives, if she feels that they are concentrating on that.”

The entire thing has published in the British Medical Journal earlier on this week.