Unable To Procreate Men In Short Too Much Prone To Heart Disease

For a long time scientists are working on finding different causes of cardiovascular disease. They have found many causes, belonging to many aspects of life. In a recent study a group of researchers have found that having a child or at least being able to have child or on the other side being unable to procreate can influence a man’s health condition.

Researchers of urology at Stanford University, California ran a study over the health prospect of men and they found that men, who are unable to produce offspring, are more prone to die of heart disease than men, who have children. Michael Eisenberg, a professor of urology at Stanford University of California has reported that to the journal titled Human Reproduction.

The researcher group had studied nearly one lakh thirty five thousand male members of American Association for the Retired Persons for a long time. They wanted to compare the death rate of men, who were unable to produce offspring to the death rate of men, who have or can have children. The people on whom they ran the study were of 62 years of age when they had started the study. They necessarily selected guys, who were married or had been married.

After a long time of observation the research group found that within ten years nearly ten percent of the people, who were the subjects of the research died and in this ten percent fifty people died of cardiac disease.

Prof Eisenberg asserted that men, who are unable to produce offspring generally have problem with amount of testosterone hormone in their body. According to him and his colleagues low testosterone is often responsible for long term health problems and it can also lead to cardiovascular disease with growing age.