Understanding Pregnancy Blood Testing

Pregnancy blood-test is responsible for measuring the level of pregnancy hormone and HCG that can be found in the bloodstream. HCG can be spotted in the urine and blood within 7-12 days of conceiving.

The two types of pregnancy blood test are:

1. Qualitative test– This indicates whether HCG can be found or not through a series of question. This test can be compared to the homemade pregnancy test.

2. Quantitative test– This test presents the exact proportion of HCG in the bloodstream. It also gives the estimated age of the fetus. The progress of pregnancy can also be determined by this test.

Pregnancy blood-testis carried out a collection of blood in a syringe and sending the sample to the lab in order to find the level of HCG in it. This takes less than 2 days to obtain the results.

If the test done too early, it may fail in determining the HCG level present in the blood. Upon doctors advised, such a test may be performed several times. It is a good way to determine the progress of a pregnant woman.

Symptoms, including delayed menstruation, pelvic pain, vomiting, and breast tenderness if occurs, one must do the pregnancy test immediately. Based on the latest studies, blood test is more accurate than a urine test. Blood test is advisable for women who are less than 4 weeks pregnant.

The consistency of blood test has something to do with the technique and methodology of the lab. Though blood test considered as the most accurate test, sometimes it may give wrong results, the test could go wrong if the woman has been using fertility drugs and if the test id performed very early.

Besides the pregnancy blood-test, a number of other blood- test conducted too; in an effort to determine the mother blood type, anemia, in detecting some dangerous diseases such as chicken pox and rubella, diabetes, in detecting the presence of twins and in detecting down syndrome and neural defects.

Pregnancy blood test is just among the few easy ways in determining if a woman is pregnant or not.Most women use pregnancy test whenever they miss a menstrual cycle as they go for pregnancy test to confirm if they are pregnant or not. Pregnancy is something every woman should be careful of. Once a woman is pregnant, there is a need to take care of her health even more than ever. It helps for a woman to know about her pregnancy early. Thus, such tests can bring a great help and can bring results very fast.