Vit-Supplements Help Women In Getting Pregnant

A recent study has claimed that more Vitamins in body help women to conceive. The researchers have informed that expecting women who take vitamin supplement tablets during pregnancy show twice chance of getting pregnant than women who do not take those tablets.

Dr Rita Aggarwal who conducted the study claimed that vitamin supplements work more for pregnancy than folic acid supplements in women. The chance of women taking vitamin supplements of getting pregnant is twice more than that of the women taking folic acid supplements.

The researches selected 58 sub-fertile women as their subjects of the study and divided them into two groups. They assigned one group to take vitamin supplements and another group to take folic acid. All the women were almost equally healthy and they were recorded to have balanced and healthy diet.

In the beginning those women reported to have irregular periods that pointed to their ability of getting pregnant. Some of them also reported to experience infertility of one year.

Researchers gave the vitamin taking women balanced doses of Pregnacare Conception every day and gave balanced doses of folic acid to the other group. After the study they found that 18 women out of the 30 women in the vitamin group, which made a 60 per cent, got pregnant while only 11 of 28 women from the other group which made only 25 per cent got pregnant. Women often take various pregnancy attempts. Researchers found that women of the folic acid group took more pregnancy attempts than the women in the vitamin group but still they showed less pregnancy records.

To be more specific about the findings researchers have mentioned that among the 30 women of the vitamin group 15 became pregnant in their 1st attempt while it took 2nd attempt for 4 women and 3rd attempt for the rest 1. On the contrary, among the 28 women in the folic acid group 2 women got pregnant in their 1st attempt while 2 of them responded after the 2nd attempt and the rest 7 took 3rd attempt to respond.