Vitamin D Supplements Are Now Safe For Pregnant Women

A new research has found that using of Vitamin D at the period of pregnancy is too much effective and safer for both pregnant woman and their newborns, even though they consumed that at high amount.

With the sequence to the fact Dr. Bruce Hollis, leader of this research of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston used a randomized control trial along with healthy expectant mother in order to discover how this verifying dose of daily supplements could safely sustain a good vitamin D level, which was 32 monograms each milliliter.

Hollis said “Taking Vitamin D supplements during the period of pregnancy is too much controversial, in specific due to severe misconceptions about the potential harm which may create fetus.”

In the mean time the threat of vitamin D during the period of pregnancy has remained too much known, which has also established that Vitamin D always plays a big roles with homeostasis, internal region of the body, during the period of pregnancy, cardiovascular systems and pancreatic.

Hollis and his team mates’ have mentioned that they monitored the pregnancies of near about 350 woman of various categories including ethnic and socio economic background, and who all were in between 12 to 16 weeks of gestation period.

In the entire study all the woman were divided into three groups. With the sequence to the fact of the research first group had given 400 IU, second had given 2,000 IU and third group had given 4,000 IU of high level of vitamin D supplements per day.

From the research the team has found that the women who got the highest level of supplementation of Vitamin D i.e. 4000 IU per day were more likely sustain the desired circulating levels of Vitamin D throughout their whole pregnancy period.
Similarly, the researchers has also noticed that pregnant women who got lower level of Vitamin D supplementation throughout their whole period of pregnancy did not able to attain any circulating level of vitamin D.