Web Based Exercise Programs Are Not Enough

A recent study in Netherlands has claimed that the line of web exercise sessions that are prescribed to encourage eating and physical activity do not stop middle school students to put on extra weight.

The study result appeared in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. The study engaged nearly 900 students from the middle school and found that after following a session of exercise the students drank less sugary drinks and ate less junk food and snacks but the exercises failed to change their entire habit of drinking sugary drinks and eating snacks in long run.

Nicole Ezendam, who associated the study, has agreed with the fact that the exercises can influence the eating and drinking habits for some times but it cannot change the food or drink habits or physical activities permanently.

Some of the selected students were to follow some computer sessions over few months. Those sessions informed them about various health issues including benefits of healthy diet and exercise. The researchers also ran a survey about the personal health habits of those students to find out whether or not they had the intention to improve their health condition.

Researchers then on the basis of the survey gave them a chart to follow in order to bring positive changes to their present health conditions.

After four months the study showed that students who had gone through the program drank less sugary drinks, ate less fatty and cholesterol rich food and slightly more green veggies than those students who had not attained the program. But overall there was no difference in the limit of exercise between the two groups. After two years of the study almost an equal number of students from the both groups reported to become obese.

That’s why the researchers have come to the conclusion that in spite of the importance of web base exercise programs they are not enough.