Women can control birth timings

Have you ever wondered why only a few people celebrate their birthday during the Halloween? Of course, we all know the answer to this since most people would laugh the moment that they knew someone, who got born on that day.

A new study found a significant reduction in births on Halloween — both natural and by Caesarian section — in the United States over an 11-year period. It is noticeable that, in times like the Valentines Day, more and more people have a close birthday, some people, who were lucky enough celebrate their birthday at the special day in February.

The results increase the possibility that pregnant women have a way to control their timing of spontaneous births. While other studies have looked at how emotional factors influence pregnancies, this one is unique in that it investigates their effect on birth dates.

It is not rare for pregnant women to miss their due dates by a week or two, but no one knows what exactly determines variability within that period, as stated by Becca Levy, associate professor of epidemiology and psychology who led the study.

The research found natural births decreased 5.3 per cent on Halloween, but a raised of 3.6 per cent on Valentine’s Day.

The study gazed at all births in the United States within a two-week window — a week earlier, and a week afterward — that surrounds each holiday over an 11-year period. That totaled to 1.7 million births in the Valentine’s Day window and 1.8 million in the Halloween window.

The study emphasizes the potential importance of a mother’s emotional will in childbirth; Levy said that by adding that the findings might also impact on hospital staffing. The study is going to help health care workers to be more aware about the influence of cultural factor in pregnancy.

Based on the study, scheduled births heavily affected by the holidays. Caesarian births leaped 12.1 per cent on Valentine’s Day but fell to 16.9 per cent on Halloween.

Levy added that Halloween known as a day whose similes includes themes of death and fear “is perhaps counter to the kinds of associations people desire to have with having a child.

However, Laura Day, a social worker in Toronto who celebrates her 26th birthday on Monday, said she does not believe into the negative disgrace that surrounds Halloween.

She was immensely proud of her birthday as she was growing up. Every birthday, she has, there was always a large party.