Young Entrepreneur Creates new Diabetes Medicine

The news is making waves all over the world that at the young age of twenty-four, The Florida businessman Ethan Lewis by now has set his eyes on creating the socially responsible business. The Tampa businessman in recent times started a product called GlucoBrand’s LLC, to create and market innovative lifestyle solutions for the people belonging to the diabetes community. GlucoPouch which is the initial product, is a fast-acting glucose gel planned to cure the low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.

The innovations or the new features include an ultra light, easy to carry gel pouch; one that is easy to open, easy to use, is little cost, and has nice packaging. GlucoBrand’s creator was himself detected with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 12 with no history of the condition in his family. Being involved with diabetes charities and building friendships with leaders in the diabetes community inspired Ethan to build a business that gives back.

Ethan makes the statement in his article that while living with Type 1 Diabetes has never been trouble-free; it has had a encouraging impact on my business profession and given me serious strength of mind and drive. The key to GlucoBrand’s is that every deal gives a piece of its profits back to a diabetes charity of the customers’ choice. However, creating tasty products and giving back weren’t enough.

For making GlucoBrand’s a success; Ethan invited some of the peak talents from his Alma mater which is the University of Tampa, to produce a young team to grow this startup. When he was asked about GlucoBrand’s competing in a two hundreds billion dollar diabetes market, Ethan said that he has purposefully made a team whose members have great ideas, societal wakefulness and street smarts. For making it big in this atmosphere, it takes more than a commercial plan to become the best; it takes a brilliant team with lots of innovative ideas.

Apart from these there is Diabeticine in the market now, though, declares to target the origin of diabetes. Diabeticine claimed that it was a hypoglycemic cause. The FDA looked at Diabeticine’s advertising campaign and declared that it was a drug, not an add-on. This appears to be fair reasoning on the part of the FDA. The name, Diabeticine, also mean that it is a medicine.

There appears to be mixed feelings about Diabeticine. Various people admire it for decreasing their blood sugar, without them having to change their diet or exercise. Others allege that taking a capsule is not the solution to curing diabetes and that lifestyle changes are the only truly healthy way to maintain the sought blood sugar levels. Those who praise the drug at times claim that they have attempted diet, work out, and even extra diabetes medicines, but that they were not helpful.

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