Eating the Right Kinds of Food Can Lower Bad Cholesterol

Latest research has revealed that eating certain kinds of food can significantly lower your bad cholesterol level. Bad cholesterol, known technically as LDL, is harmful on the heart and causes several dangers to the body. The study was undertaken in the University of Toronto and the research team was led by David Jenkins from St. Michael’s Hospital. These foods also help in weight control and increase the affect on bad cholesterol.

For the study, three hundred and forty five people were considered. All of them were recorded to have high cholesterol levels. When the study was initiated, the average bad cholesterol level for the group was 170mg/dL. Participants were divided into two groups. The first was the control group, who consumed the prescribed diet, which was infused with healthy quantities of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and beans. The other group was the intervention group and they were put through four kinds of cholesterol reducing foods. These foods were those rich in soy, viscous fiber and plant-sterol-enriched margarine. The participants in the study were put through a specific diet regime which was low in saturated fat and high in foods that are healthy for the heart.

The 2000 calorie per day diet consisted of foods such as a handful of nuts every day, two teaspoons of plant sterol enriched margarine, a couple of helpings of soy-protein products and two helpings of foods like oatmeal, cereals enriched by psyllium, okra, eggplants and barley, which are which in viscous fiber. The food test was held over a period of twenty four weeks.

At the end of twenty four weeks, it was found that the bad cholesterol in the body reduced by 3% average in the control group. In the intervention group, who were put on the 2000 calories per day diet, the reduction in cholesterol level was 13%, which amounts to 26 mg/dL. The best part about the study was that it considered foods that are readily available at any supermarket and are part of daily foods. Jenkins, the lead researcher said that by including these foods in daily meals, bad cholesterol can be controlled up to a large extent. He continued that in the intervention group, many of the participants recorded cholesterol levels very close to the normal range. However, the diet is vegetarian and no non-vegetarian products, including egg white, was included.

These foods also bring a control in weight and prevent people from harmful affects of overweight and obesity. The diet can also lower the cholesterol level significantly enough to stop the use of medication.