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China’s Watchdog Declared Further Mengniu’s Dairy Products To Be Harmless

dairy products

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine found cancer causing toxin in one of China’s popular dairy firm products. But the Chinese Watchdog after further verification of other lots of products has finally assured the customers that they have found no harmful elements in the milk and the milk products of the company.

After the announcement of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine about the discovery of carcinogenic content in excessive amount in Mengniu’s Dairy products public anxiety was set off. But the Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd assured public that its Sichuan plant had taken all the necessary measures and had destroyed all the adulterated products. … Read more

High Fat Diet Injures Brain


It is well known that foods rich in fat contents lead to many serious health problems. Most recently a group of researchers has found that high fat foods besides causing health problems also injure brain.

The study was conducted by the researchers from the University of Washington School of Medicine. Researchers first ran the study over some rodents in lab. They found that the rodents developed injuries in the hypothalamus after they were put on high fat diet. Hypothalamus is the portion of brain that is responsible for controlling hunger. In simple words hypothalamus informs us when we are full. The researchers have claimed to have found alike kind of injuries in the hypothalamus of people who eats lots of high fat foods. … Read more

Lean Beef Based Diet Good For Heart


A group of researchers of the Pennsylvania State University or PSU after a recent study has claimed that although we have conventional beliefs about the bad effects of eating beefs it in fact cuts down the risk of developing ‘bad’ cholesterol in body. The researchers have claimed that living on daily diets that include trimmed or lean beef is very effective in reducing the total and LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol levels in body. According to Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (abbreviated as DASH) trimmed beef based diets are so good for reducing ‘bad’ cholesterol levels and in turn good for healthy heart that it can be described as the ‘Gold Standard’ for diets assigned for healthy heart. … Read more

Detox Diet Has Nothing To Do With Reduce Body Weight

Deotex Diet

There was a conventional thinking that detox diets help in build up a healthy body and fight out harmful chemicals from body. But a recent scientific study has rejected the claim and said that detox diet does not do anything like that. David Bender who is a professor of nutritional biochemistry has claimed that the former belief about the effects of detox diet was established on some in sufficient premise. Daily Mail has mentioned that. He has also emphasized on the fact that there cannot simply be any short cut to weight loss. … Read more

Understanding Dietary Fat and Weight Loss

Dietray fats

Including fat in the food improves the taste, but the downside is that it is going to make the person fatter. Fat contains nine calories per gram, while protein and carbohydrates both contain four calories per gram. In fact, it means that smaller amounts of food high in fat contain got more calories than larger amounts of food with less fat. If the person want to stay within his diet and prevent himself from losing weight, it is advisable to eat foods low in fat as much as possible, saving fatty foods for festive occasions. Eating low fat foods allows a person to eat more and get the exact amount of calories, helping the person feel full and prevents hunger cravings that can lead to cheating on their diet.

A good way to minimize the amount of dietary fat gets eaten; the person should do most of their cooking at home. Whenever a person cooks at home, they have full control of what goes into their food and the method in which it is cooked. Low-fat cookbooks are a good way to be healthy as it contains information on how to cook with little added fats; many traditional cookbooks care little for the nutritional content of their foods and excess vegetable oils, butter, and cream in their recipes. It is possible to cook great-tasting food with less fat. If a person needs to add fat to a dish, it is best to use a heart-healthy vegetable oil that includes olive oil high in monounsaturated fat, as opposed to butter that is high in saturated fat. Eating monounsaturated fat lowers cholesterol, as a person eats saturated fat, their cholesterol also rises. It is a nifty idea to keep in mind that olive oil is still entirely fat, and is going to add a large amount of calories to the food, so it should still be incorporated in the food that we eat thinly.

Though people do not have the same degree of control over what they eat whenever they eat outside compared to cooking at home, they should still be aware of their dietary choices. Whenever eating outside, try to stay away from fried foods and creamy sauces, both include loads of fat and calories. Sometimes, the nutritional information is available so that the person could make some choices.

Because of the recent popularity of low carbohydrate diets, many nutritionists had been quick in vilifying the concept of eating a low-fat diet, which points to the sharp rise in obesity, occurring when eating a low-fat diet was popular and low-fat varieties of snack foods lined supermarket shelves. A lot of manufacturers of low-fat foods have added extra sugars to them to make them more toothsome.


Added Calcium doesn’t help teenagers lose weight


Though there have been past reports about the effectiveness of calcium in losing weight.   A new study reveals that calcium has not linked with losing weight.

Nutrition professor at Purdue University, Connie Weaver says during the last 10 years of research implied that calcium might bind with fat and take it out so that a person’s body would not absorb. The new study proves that it does not happen.

According to the study, available in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, about 40 overweight teenagers got divided into two groups and then arbitrarily assigned to eat 1,300 or 650 milligrams of calcium a day.  The calcium may come from calcium supplements or can be hidden in foods such as frozen chocolate desserts that contain milk proteins, fats and minerals.

For three weeks, both groups  put in the same diet of three meals and two snacks a day. Both groups eat normal foods with sufficient protein, carbohydrates, fat and calories in maintaining their weight. Following a break, the groups restarted the experiment for another three weeks, with teens allocated to another calcium intake level for the second stage.

After a while, researchers can not find the differences in body weight and weight between the two groups.  The research suggests that calcium does not affect the weight of an individual.

They also tried the amount of calcium and fats the teens excreted and discovered no suggestion in which calcium might aid with weight loss by binding to fat in the intestines and prevent it from getting absorbed.

The study’s a small number of participants and short duration are fondnesses, as stated by Michael Zemel, who studies nutrition and obesity at the University of Tennessee.

Zemel added that thought, there are recent studies, showing calcium affecting the body weight and body fat.  However, almost all of them tend to be adults.

Zemel proposed the new finding might be different since the diet of teenagers differs from adults. Teenagers used their energy to grow so they need a different level of teenager.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Choose MyPlate guidelines advising three cups of dairy a day for youngsters aged nine to 18. Some of choices for dairy comprise of one  cup of low-fat or fat-free milk or yogurt, 1.5 ounces of hard cheese, two cups of cottage cheese or a cup of cold yogurt.

A modern Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study discovered more than 70 percent of children and teens drank milk, but 20 percent does not drink low-fat milk.

‘Superfoods’ – Only Foods Not Super Heroes


Many of us think that Superfoods can help us preventing many of our health problems, including High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Fat Issue and even Cancer! But a recent study has proved that the term Superfoods has no scientific background and the term in fact has any clear definition.

The research firm YouGov has run the study mentioned above and has disclosed that nearly 11 percent of British people think that Superfoods has potential to prevent cancer and except from this many of the British people rely on Superfoods than a balanced diet to solve various health issues. … Read more

Dietary Supplement is bad for Older Women

diet supplement

A new study reveals that a dietary supplement linked with increased death among women.

In an analysis of more than 39,000 women followed for over 19 years, researchers led by a team at the University of Minnesota discovered that those who adopt multivitamins, vitamin B6, folic acid, magnesium, zinc, copper and especially iron in their daily habit died at higher rates throughout the course of the study compare to those who did not take supplements.

The researchers found out that only calcium connected with lower risk out of the 15 supplements analyzed.

Jaakko Mursu, a postdoctoral researcher in nutrition at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health and affiliated with the University of Eastern Finland says the research adds to the growing amount of studies that shows no advantage for supplement usage in anticipation of chronic diseases.

Mursu and his associates examined data coming from the Iowa Women’s Health Study.  In 1986 and the start of the study, the age of women who participated in the study were 62.   Participants completed health surveys, which includes information regarding their diet and supplement they are using, several times over a period of 19 years.

The team discovered that the supplement is widely use and has increased over the years.   In 1986, 65% of the women claimed that they are one supplement each day. By 1997, that number had increased to 75%; by 2004, to 85%.

As in the broader populace, women in the study who included in their diet tended to be healthier — with lower rates of diabetes and high blood pressure, and lower body mass index — compared to women who did not.  However, those women, who are taking in calcium had an increased rate of death.

The research did not seem to seek if the death was caused by the supplement that patients are taking.

In the case of iron, Mursu said the answer could be indicating that the women got intoxicated because of the high amount of iron.  There is a possibility that women who drink iron supplements died from other health causes.

Such drawbacks led some in questioning the importance of the findings.

Dr. David Heber, director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition says he would not advise anyone to stop their supplement intake because of this study.  The study is not yet proven.

However, Bonnie Jortberg, a registered dietitian and senior instructor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver, said the research reinforce arguments against the usage of supplements except if the patient is suffering from nutritional deficiency.

A president’s journey to a healthy life


Two decades ago Bill Clinton’s diet composes of unhealthy foods such as hamburgers and doughnuts.  However, after undergoing two heart by-pass, he had resorted to eating healthy foods, which  consisted of plant-based diet.   He told CNN how good now he feel now since following a vegan diet plan.

Back in 1993, his wife, Hillary Clinton got concerned about the health of her love one, so she told him to have a change in their everyday diet.  She had ordered the chef to cook healthy food and not the usual fatty food, which they are serving on a daily basis.

However, the change in the diet is not enough since Bill’s still struggling with his weight problem during his administrative days.  The White house doctor suggested a low-calorie intake and more exercise to reduce his waistline.  That does not work out since he had put up eight kilos in two years.

The doctors were not aware that an even bigger problem would be a problem in the near future.  The family of Bill Clinton has a history of heart problem, but the doctor does not know about it.

Years passed, and he had leaved the White House behind, while he was doing the doing the circuit promoting the memoir “My Life”.  The former president suddenly felt tightness near the chest area.  He got rushed to a hospital and had a quadruple bypass in 2004, in order to restore the blood flow to the heart.

Clinton narrated that he got lucky that he did not die that day; he could have died that day.  Right after the operation, he tried to change his lifestyle by decreasing the calorie and cholesterol intake.  However, that too does not seem to work as there are more problems up ahead in the future.

In 2010, right after his relief operation in Haiti, hi problem comes back again to haunt him.  He had endured another operation in an effort of inserting two stents to open one of the blood vessels from his bypass.

Dr Dean Ornish, director and president of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California, who Hillary had consulted and carried to the White House with them to change the menu, visited Clinton a few days following his operation.  The doctor told Clinton that since he has a family history of heart problem.  Simple changes in diet and lifestyle will not be enough to stop his heart disease from and told him because of his family history, moderate changes in diet and lifestyle were not going to be enough to stop his heart disease from getting worse.

Bill Clinton, who was into a vegan diet urge his father to try the vegan diet, as well.  She recommended a book that has changed the lifestyle of the former president after reading.  It was a vegan book, which tells the reader that people, who do not eat animal-based food do not suffer from any  diseases.

Eating Disorder May Accelerate The Risk Of Death

Eating Disorder

A new study formed little day earlier by the researcher of the Loughborough University in the U.K. which stated that the people who had been suffering from  bulimia, anorexia and unspecified eating disorders might face a higher rate of death than those people who was living without this disease. … Read more

Folate Diet Reduces Colorectal Cancer Risk

Folate Diet Reduces Colorectal Cancer Risk

Folate diet beneficial in cancer prevention

The latest study on folate diets has shown that intake of folate diet can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. The study was conducted under the leadership of Victoria Stevens, who is the strategic director of lab services for American Cancer Society. A massive study that encompassed more than 99,500 case studies brought forth this conclusion. The study was conducted as part of the Cancer Prevention Study II Nutrition Cohort. The study has been in progress since 1999, when participants were put through folate diet. … Read more