Lean Individual Not Free From Heart Risks

Lean Individual Not Free From Heart Risks

Little time ago a research has published which stated that lean men and women in general cases are at low risk of metabolic condition than an overweight men and women. With the sequence to the fact an international team of scientists has already identified the gene IRS1. So, with the help of that they additionally discover a link of body with heaving less fat but with some unhealthy cholesterol as well as blood glucose rates. This report has published in the Nature Genetics journal.

The gene contains lower level of “subcutaneous” fat rising under the cells of the skin, but do not contain fat surrounding organs in “visceral”.

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Leftover Embryonic Cells Cause Cancer – Latest Study

Leftover Embryonic Cells Cause Cancer – Latest Study

Embryonic cells are the root of cancer

According to the Frank McKeon, senior author of the study conducted on embryonic cells, the left over embryonic cells are extremely prone to turning cancerous. He elaborated that at present, the medicines that are available for treatment of cancer only help in prolonging life by a couple of months. However, focus on the embryonic cells in the body can help in uprooting cancer. McKeon added that the cells that run the highest probability of turning cancerous are present in everybody. Wa Xian, the study author also revealed that based on the study, it looks like elimination of embryonic cells is the best way to prevent cancer before it manifests itself in the body.

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Brain study could help in detecting autism in children

Brain study could help in detecting autism in children

Dr. Ilan Dinstein and his team of doctors and researchers from Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel found a new study that states that early signs of weaker synchronization of right and left sides of the brain of a child could help in detecting Autism in toddlers. Children with this condition show weaker harmonization between their brain’s language areas situated at both sides. The researchers gauged the neutral activities of the toddlers in sleep and discovered that kids with lowest sync between both sides of brain possess most critical difficulties in communication. These finding are of great help to diagnose this condition among the one year old kids.

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Effects of Air Pollution Higher In Children under Stress At Home

Effects of Air Pollution Higher In Children under Stress At Home

Researchers of Keck School of Medicine, University of South California, have found a correlation between children who live in disturbed families and the affect that air pollution has on their lungs. It has been found that children exposed to high parental stress are more vulnerable to being adversely affected by air pollution. In comparison, children who live in happy homes are found to be better resistant to the affects of air pollution.

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Genome Editing Found as the Precise Cure for Hemophilia in Mice

Genome Editing Found as the Precise Cure for Hemophilia in Mice

A new gene therapy has been developed which brought the level of blood clotting to the normal level in mice suffering with hemophilia. Hemophilia is a disease which renders the body unable to control the coagulation of blood. The body stops producing a protein which triggers the clotting of blood. Due to this any cut or injury becomes fatal as it may lead to heavy blood loss. The findings of the research conducted on mice were published in the Nature.

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Cancer and Heart Attacks May Be the Deadly Repercussions of Diabetes Drug

Cancer and Heart Attacks May Be the Deadly Repercussions of Diabetes Drug

Diabetic drugs cause cancer

In a chain of warnings that the Unites States Food and Drug Administration has been releasing since May 18, the latest addition is that certain diabetes drugs may be cancer causing. The first press release that was made on May 18 suggested restrictions in drugs containing rosiglitazone. This formula is used in diabetic drugs such as Avandia, Avandaryl and Avandamet. According to the release, the restrictions imposed were based on the find that the drug triggered risk of heart attacks. The new restrictions brought into effect a rule that any diabetic or doctor who prescribed the drug need to sign up in the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Survey. Although the drug was stated to be withdrawn from the market, the government allowed usage under REMS.

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Timely Pap Smear Test could reduce Cervical Cancer Risk by 90% !

Timely Pap Smear Test could reduce Cervical Cancer Risk by 90% !

Cervical Cancer cases, risks and deaths could be avoided by doing a regular Pap Smear Test.Cervical Cancer if detected earlier could be treated easily and cured.Pelvic exams along with Pap test is recommended for every woman.

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New Surgical Procedure May Help Lymphedema ( Autologous Vascularized Lymph Node )

New Surgical Procedure May Help Lymphedema ( Autologous Vascularized Lymph Node )

Test surgery in Manhattan

One of the serious complications of breast cancer includes lymphedema. Some of the prominent plastic surgeons from the USA undertook an experimental surgery that may be beneficial in curing lymphedema. Dr. Corinne Backer is the pioneering surgeon who removed some lymphatic nodes from the patient’s groin to implant in the underarm from where nodes had been removed during an earlier surgery to treat breast cancer.

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Signs Of Ageing like Wrinkles Can Predict Bone Density In Woman

Signs Of Ageing like Wrinkles Can Predict Bone Density In Woman

Wrinkles predict bone density

Every woman, whether sixteen or sixty desires to look beautiful with soft, flawless and wrinkle-free skin.  Moreover, many women live in the misconception that being slim and bony is akin to being beautiful. However, latest studies conducted reveal a deep connection between the way a woman looks and her health. Facial wrinkles, which are a nightmare for a woman, can predict the bone density of women.

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Obesity - Cause for Damage of Brain Cells

Obesity – Cause for Damage of Brain Cells

Obesity damages brain cells

Obesity is one of the main concerns of today. According to the researchers in the United States, the intake of high calorie diet leads to injury of neurons in the brain that play a vital role in controlling of body weight. Strategies have to be developed to reduce this problem.

Case study
A study was conducted on the rodents for certain duration of time with high intake of calorie food. The duration included from several days to a few months and the result proved to have significant effects on the brain cells. The analysis has detected a major damage to the nerve cells called neurons thereby leading to the eventual loss of weight regulating cells. The study was conducted by Dr. Joshua Thaler at the University of Washington. Thaler believes that there is a possibility of a huge damage to brain due to consumption of a typical high calorie diet. Medicines must be developed in such a way that they minimize the damage caused to brain cells.

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Diabetes Might Trigger Second Stroke

Diabetes Might Trigger Second Stroke

Diabetes versus Stroke

According to latest research, people who are diabetic and have had a stroke need to be extra careful because they are at higher risk of a second and fatal stroke. The risk of heart attacks increase as well. The study was carried out by a team of scientists in Duke University Medical Center, Durham in North Carolina. According to the director Dr. Larry B. Goldstein, the risk of heart attack and stroke for a second tome is higher in diabetics. People who suffer from metabolic syndrome also are not as exposed to the risks as diabetics are.

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Back Pain In Early Days Of Pregnancy

Back Pain In Early Days Of Pregnancy

Nearly all pregnant women go through early pregnancy back pain. This is a regular incidence for women in the most touching and beautiful stage of their lives. The majority of them tolerate some amount of pain during the early days of their pregnancy and this pain vanishes by reaching the twentieth week of gestation. The pain gets increased by strain put on the muscles in the left or the right side of the back, which is usually the result of the softening of disks and supporting ligaments due to the increase in the progesterone hormone during the premature stage.

Urinary tract infection happening in pregnancy also increases the chances of back pain, in some cases. At the same time, your body weight increases and your center of gravity is changed which ultimately results in increase in back pain. Exercise and any form of physical activity be it jogging or running is undisputedly the greatest, safest and the most vital action you should take for easing back pain during the early days of pregnancy.

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Substance Abuse Problems - Treatment Approaches and Systematic Support ?

Substance Abuse Problems – Treatment Approaches and Systematic Support ?

The treatment of substance-related problems depends on the type of substance, the specific problems it is causing, the stage of the illness, your insight and motivation, and whether the environment is more likely to sup­port efforts at change or to provide temptations to stay hooked. Before there is even a chance that treatment can be effective, you must recognize that you have a serious substance problem and be motivated to change your behavior and stop using alcohol or drugs. Often the person with the prob­lem is the last to know and will consider treatment only after others con­front the denial in the most unmistakable terms.

Unfortunately, our society is also in denial and is not providing anything approaching adequate resources for the treatment of substance problems. Every year there is a disproportionate expenditure of vast sums of public funding in a futile attempt to seal our borders and “interdict” the smuggling of illegal substances. Similar fortunes are spent on the correctional system in an equally futile attempt to seal away those whose crimes are the direct or indirect result of substance use.

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Continued Chemo Drug Delays Recurrence Of Lung Cancer

Continued Chemo Drug Delays Recurrence Of Lung Cancer

Early report shows continued drug use delays recurrence

Most patients with advanced lung cancer undergo four courses of the two chemotherapy drugs and discontinue the therapy until the cancer resurfaces. A new research’s early results show that the continued use of one of the two drugs delays the recurrence of the lung cancer. Although, it is early to make a conclusion, a Spanish study shows that continuing the usage of Alimta postpones the recurrence of lung cancer.

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Testosterone, The Male Hormone Takes A Beating Due To Lack Of Sleep

Testosterone, The Male Hormone Takes A Beating Due To Lack Of Sleep

Testosterone declines due to lack of sleep
Researchers of the Unites States of America have established a direct correlation between lack of sleep and declining amount of testosterone. Men who did get a minimum of five hours of sleep for a week were found to have reduced testosterone levels in their bodies. The study was conducted by Eve Van Cauter from the University of Chicago. The study results have been publicized. However, the full report will feature in the Journal of the American Medical Association shortly.

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Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes Are Visible Before Pregnancy

Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes Are Visible Before Pregnancy

Diagnosing gestational diabetes before pregnancy
According to latest research by Kaiser Permanente, risks of gestational diabetes can be diagnosed almost seven years prior to conception. Gestational diabetes is the diabetes that pregnant women contract. However, after delivery, the blood sugar comes back to normal and the woman can lead a normal life.

Nevertheless, the diabetes can cause complications in pregnancy such as premature birth or caesarian section. Further, women who are stricken with gestational diabetes give birth to overweight and plump babies, which is not healthy for the infant.

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Doctors Have Second Thoughts about Abbot’s Good Cholesterol Enhancer Drug

Doctors Have Second Thoughts about Abbot’s Good Cholesterol Enhancer Drug

Abbot Laboratories’ Niaspan is a cause of concern
Doctors in the United States of America are having second thoughts about prescribing Niaspan, a drug that is manufactured by Abbot Laboratories and used to increase the level of good cholesterol in blood. The drug has been found to have dangerous repercussions when used in combination with other drugs containing statin.

National Institute of Health has also released studies regarding the drug and the results have been negative. Niaspan, a niacin tablet, is an antihyperlipidemic agent. The tablet comes in a medium orange color tablet that has to be taken orally. It comes in three different concentrations of niacin – 500mg, 750mg and 1000mg. The ingredients of Niaspan are niacin, hypromellose, stearic acid, povidone and polyethylene glycol.

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The Use of Medication During Pregnancy

The Use of Medication During Pregnancy

When there is someone pregnant at home and is feeling sick or she get suddenly tormented by a strong headache. The easiest and the most affordable way to approach the issue is by taking the suitable medication. In the case of a pregnant woman at home however will have to think twice before deciding on a medical treatment for any condition. The harm that some drugs cause will certainly outweigh the short-term benefits. Pregnancy is a point in time of significant physical, emotional and psychological changes in a woman. The Reports have shown that these changes are caused by the hormonal alterations of the body, as growth in estrogen levels and progesterone are highlighted. These hormonal changes may bring about mood fluctuations, changed body clocks, and also food preferences. Often they play a very important role in aggravating stress levels and existing panic disorders.

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Possible Unusual Side Effects from Flu Shot Vaccine ?

Possible Unusual Side Effects from Flu Shot Vaccine ?

The Vaccine makers have claimed they will develop the record number of vaccine in this season which will be enough for half of the population of the country. The major flu shot ingredients are dead influenza viruses. There may be any number of different flu viruses circulating at any one time, but pharmaceutical companies only choose three as annual flu shot ingredients. If you have already taken an annual flu shot, you could still catch a new flu virus and still come down with the flu. So, it is still important to protect your immune system and practice good health habits. The Common flu vaccine side effects comprises of the body aches, little grade fever and pain at the point of injection. There are some unusual but the serious flu vaccine side effects that worries many people.

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Understanding of Polysaccharides - Basic Nutrient required for sustaining Healthy Body

Understanding of Polysaccharides – Basic Nutrient required for sustaining Healthy Body

We all have heard about carbohydrates even when we were in the elementary school. It is one of the basic nutrients required for proper functioning of the body. It is mainly needed for energy in the body. Most carbohydrates in the body exist in the form of polysaccharides which is also called glycan. It is called polysaccharides because it is made up of many molecules of monosaccharide that is sugars.

There are some polysaccharides that contain just molecules of one sugar and they called homopolysaccharides or homoglycans. Typical example of homoglycans is glycogen which is composed of glucose. Starch is another example of homoglycans but it is present in plant.

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Growth Hormone - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Pituitary Tumour

Growth Hormone – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Pituitary Tumour

You will also be familiar with the disease caused by lack of insulin – diabetes – and with the conditions caused by too much or too little hormone – dwarfism and gigantism. Growth during the first eight to ten months of life is largely controlled by food intake, but growth hormone then becomes the dominant influence on how children grow. There are also benign balls of cells, tumours, which secrete growth hormone (GH) and this constant production of GH produces as you’d expect, very tall people-seven foot or taller-the condition is known as gigantism. If excess GH is produced after growing has stopped (again because of a tumour), a condition called acromegaly develops, which causes the bones of the hands, feet and jaw to become enlarged.

The First Book of Samuel in the Bible relates the story of David and the giant Goliath, who was said to be six cubits and a span in height. A cubit is an Egyptian measure, roughly the length of the elbow to the tip of the middle finger and reckoned to be eighteen inches. A span is half a cubit, which would make Goliath well over nine foot tall. The tallest man ever recorded was Robert Wadlow, born in Alton, Illinois, in 1918, who was 8′ 11″. He died when he was only twenty-two. Robert Wadlow had a tumour of the pitu­itary gland in childhood, causing an excess of growth hormone.

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Thyroid Gland - Hormone Effect, Iodine Deficiency, Goitre (Thyroid Swelling), Cretinism

Thyroid Gland – Hormone Effect, Iodine Deficiency, Goitre (Thyroid Swelling), Cretinism

Diseases that are caused by too much or too little hormone are still common. For instance about 700 million people worldwide are estimated to have a goitre, an enlargement of the thyroid gland that is seen as a big lump on the front of the neck. Iodine is essential to the production of the thyroid hormones T4 and T3, but many parts of the world, particularly landlocked mountainous areas like the Alps and regions of China, have soil which is deficient in iodine.

As a consequence, many people living in iodine-deficient areas have goitre. In Britain, the area around the Peak district was one such affected area and because so many people who lived there had goitre, the condition became known as Derbyshire neck. About 26 million people worldwide have brain damage caused by their thyr­oid condition, and of these some 6 million are sufficiently mentally handicapped that they are completely dependent on others.

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Hormones Factors in Fetus Gender and Child Future Development

Hormones Factors in Fetus Gender and Child Future Development

You don’t have to believe that men come from Mars and women from Venus to appreciate that there’s a difference between the way that men and women think and act. It’s obvious right from the very start, as any parent knows. Boys and girls are simply different. It’s not simply gender stereotyping to say that boys are more interested in construction toys, cars and rough play as toddlers. Little girls do prefer to play caring, sharing games with dolls and teddies. On the whole they don’t like the rough and tumble that so engages little boys. These differences become, if anything, more marked with age.

Women are much better at judging social situations and are more sensitive to facial expressions than men. They worry about how other people are feeling, putting themselves in their shoes (empath­izing) and are keen to chat and share intimacy. Men are better at working out how things work (systemizing), be it washing machines, computer programs or armies; they prefer games and gadgets. They may start collecting things – football stats, CDs, beer mats – a hobby which is often a complete mystery to women. At the same time the appeal of watching soaps on TV and the concept of shopping for pleasure is mystifying men. Most men will run a mile before they do the ‘talking about problems’ thing.

You can look at gender in several different ways. Being XX or XY makes you female or male, of course, but there’s actually more to it than that. For instance, you could be genetically female, genitally female (i.e. you have a normal vagina), but if the hormones produced by your sex organs (gonads) have been more male than usual, these would influence your brain type and thus your sex-typical behavior.

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Medications for Depression - Side Effects of Antidepressants

Medications for Depression – Side Effects of Antidepressants

Drugs or foods competing for enzymes in the liver, or damage to the liver itself, can delay the metabolism of a drug so that the drug stays at a high level for a long time. Kidney damage can also raise the level of drug in the blood. Both the time of day the drug is taken and whether it is taken on a full or empty stomach can change the amount and rate of absorption as well. Drugs are metabolized at different rates in different people; a small dose may be as effective in some people as a large dose in others. This variation depends not only on obvious differences, such as weight and height, but also on age, race and sex. In the past, most dosages were calculated for the average-size white male. In 1993, legislation was introduced in the United States so that the drug trials run by pharmaceutical com­panies before the drug was marketed had to consider dosages for females as well. Blood tests during these trials measure the level of drug in the blood, allowing for further fine-tuning.

All the cells of the body use NTs to conduct information, not just those in the brain. Therefore, medications affecting the level of NTs may also affect the stomach, the muscles, the urinary tract, the sex organs, the eyes, and many other systems. Some of the side effects are minor and fairly predictable; even if they make you uncomfortable, you need not stop the drug. These side effects are not dangerous and they usually diminish in a week or so. But if you develop a more serious reaction, such as a skin rash, severe infection, jaundice, or a marked decrease in urination, you should stop the drug and call your doctor, or go to the A & E department of your local hospital, right away.

Do not stop these medications because you feel a bit better and think you don’t need them anymore. If you stop them for even a few days, the changes in the cells will stop and you will have to start the process all over again. Since it can take four to eight weeks to get the medication’s full effect, this will be very discouraging. Studies show that only about 60 per cent of people end up properly taking the drugs they are prescribed, for either medical or psychiatric illnesses.

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Radiotherapy Cancer Treatment - External Radiation Session

Radiotherapy Cancer Treatment – External Radiation Session

Radiotherapy treatment is given either externally or internally, depending on the site of the tumour. It is always given at a cancer treatment centre because of the need for specialist equipment. The patient usually attends daily with a break at weekends. Radiotherapy Treatment program may last up to six weeks depending on the technique used. Because of the tiring regime and daily travel, few patients are able to continue working whilst receiving treatment. If your relative lives a long distance from the hospital it may be less exhausting to arrange accommodation nearby.

External radiation
The treatment plan starts by taking a series of normal x-rays and scans to enable the radiotherapist ( the doctor responsible for pre­scribing the Radiotherapy treatment ) to obtain an exact picture of the site, size and shape of the tumour. ‘Planning’ takes place in a simulator, an x-ray machine designed to have the same geometric characteris­tics as the actual radiotherapy treatment machine. Sometimes the planning involves a ‘therapy CT scan’ so that the volume of the tumour can be determined with the patient in exactly the same position as they will be when they receive their treatment.

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Vaccines in Children - Diphtheria, Tetanus, And Acellular Pertussis (DTaP)

Vaccines in Children – Diphtheria, Tetanus, And Acellular Pertussis (DTaP)

DTaP combines vaccines against diphtheria, tetanus and pertus­sis. It is currently given as a series of five doses, recommended at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months and 12 to 18 months, with a booster dose between 4 and 6 years.

Diphtheria generally causes a throat infection, although it also can lead to problems in other parts of the body. The mucous membranes of the throat swell and then become thin and fragile. The infection can cause blockage of the airway, or it can spread into the bloodstream and then to the heart, nerves or brain. Diph­theria is not common in the United States, but pockets of out­break do occur. It is far more common in developing countries. It is considered important to have a diphtheria vaccine prior to any international travel.

Tetanus is well known. If you step on a rusty nail or get a dirty cut, the bacteria that carry the tetanus toxin can enter the skin and multiply. The wound must be deep for these bacteria to grow, because they can survive only in an environment without any oxygen (called anaerobic). The bacteria release a nerve toxin that causes muscle spasms sometimes so severe that the muscles become completely rigid. Lockjaw (also called tris­mus) is a classic symptom of tetanus. The breathing muscles can become spastic as well, a potentially life-threatening complica­tion.

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Understanding Seizures in Children

Understanding Seizures in Children

Nerves are very similar to wires in that they carry signals from one place to another. Nerves are designed to tell a muscle, an organ, or another nerve what to do. To send the message quickly and efficiently, a nerve — like a wire — is insulated. This way, a message can travel along a nerve rapidly, without stimulating a neighboring nerve.

The brain is a massive and highly organized collection of nerves that controls all of the body’s functions. When nerves in the brain fire inappropriately, the result can be a seizure. Seizures produce a sudden change in behavior, such as jerking, twitching, rhythmic shaking, or a combination of all three. A sudden increase in the electrical activity in the brain is the cause of a seizure.

How do you distinguish between benign jerking motions and a true seizure? Try to stop the jerking by putting pressure on the affected limb. If you cannot stop the jerking and you continue to feel the muscles rhythmically contracting and relaxing, your child is having a seizure. The jerking movements of a seizure usually last only a minute or two, rarely longer than five minutes. When these classic types of seizures involve the entire body, they are called generalized or tonic-clonic seizures. When only one part of the body is involved, such as the right arm, it is called a focal seizure. Breathing can stop during generalized seizures, although this is uncommon.

In some seizures, there will be no jerking at all. Instead, your child may stop moving and stare off into space. This is called an absence seizure. You can tell that this is a seizure because she cannot be engaged during the episode — she will not make eye contact and cannot respond to her name. After a minute or two, the seizure will resolve. Breathing is never compromised in a simple absence seizure.

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How to Help Your Child Cope with Bowlegs and Knock-Knees

How to Help Your Child Cope with Bowlegs and Knock-Knees

As toddlers learn to walk and then run, the shape of their legs changes. Initially, a toddler walks with a wide-based gait, and her f legs typically look bowed — as if she just got off a horse. By two or three years of age, the base narrows, and the legs straighten out. Often the feet begin to point inward, and the knees may even knock together. The technical term for bowlegs is varus deformity and for knock-knees valgus deformity.

Most children develop straight legs with no more bowing or knocking by seven or eight years of age. But occasionally, the process is exaggerated, and the varus or valgus is extreme. This results in difficulty walking and running, causing the child to trip and fall more than other children.

Bowlegs are normal — to an extent. The legs can become too curved when one side of each leg grows more quickly than the other. When you look at your child straight on, you can draw an imaginary line down the middle of her body, starting at her head and traveling down to the space between her feet. The side of the knee closest to the line is called the medial side; the side farthest from the line is called the lateral side. With severe bowing of the legs, the lateral sides of the growth plates near the knees grow faster than the medial sides, causing the bones to curve in a C shape. This condition is called Blount’s disease.

Knock-knees evolve very differently. As the legs straighten by age two or three, increasing pressure is put on the medial sides of the feet. If a child has flat arches or has trouble distributing the weight of her body across each of her feet, the medial side will bear more of the weight, and the feet will roll in toward the mid­line of the body. In turn, the ankles will roll inward, and the knees will follow, “knocking” together. Often the thighs will rub together in the midline as well. Most of the time, when a knock-kneed child moves her weight onto the lateral sides of her feet (for instance, when she wears shoes with arch support), her thighs and knees will come apart, and her ankles will straighten.

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How to Diagnosis Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in Children

How to Diagnosis Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in Children

The tests used to check for a UTI are urinalysis and urine culture. A urinalysis is a preliminary test that indicates whether there is any likelihood of a UTI. It can be done in a laboratory or using a simple dipstick method in a doctor’s office. It takes only a few minutes and can suggest the presence of an infection. A piece of paper (or dipstick) is dipped into the urine and then removed.

After two to three minutes, the paper changes color to signify what components have been found in the urine. A positive uri­nalysis, suggesting that there is an infection in the urine, shows that there are leukocytes or nitrites in the sample.

If the test is positive (or if it is negative but your child’s symp­toms really seem to indicate a UTI), a urine culture will be done. A small amount of urine is transferred onto a special plate and left in an incubator for 24 to 48 hours. If bacteria grow on the plate, your doctor will identify the bacteria and prescribe an antibiotic that is effective.

Most potty-trained toddlers can produce a urine sample when asked, but toddlers in diapers generally need help with urine col­lection.

A urinalysis and a urine culture can be collected at the same time, as long as a sterile cup is used during the collection. A non-sterile cup can contaminate the urine culture, leading to false-positive results.

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Constipation in Children – Diagnosis and Treatment

Constipation in Children – Diagnosis and Treatment

If your child has mild constipation that is readily resolved with dietary changes, prune juice, a rectal thermometer, or over-the-counter treatments, no tests need to be done.

However, if the constipation is not easily treatable, or if it wors­ens despite attempts to treat it, tests should be done. An X ray can show how much stool remains in the intestine. It can also identify structural abnormalities of the intestinal tract.

More invasive tests, such as colonoscopy or biopsy, can be done as well. These are not common but are sometimes helpful in chronic cases. Gastroenterologists are doctors who specialize in the intestinal tract and are trained to perform these tests. Again, it is unusual for constipated toddlers to require such invasive tests.

Very occasionally, blood tests are done to determine whether there might be an underlying cause of the constipation. These include tests to assess thyroid function, calcium level, lead level, and celiac disease antibodies. Abnormalities in any of these areas can point toward the source of chronic constipation.

In extreme cases, an MRI may be considered. This test can look at the structures and nerves around the intestine. Ongoing or par­ticularly severe constipation can be caused by a mass pushing against the intestine and blocking normal flow. It also may be a result of inadequate nervous system input to the intestine.

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Colon Cancer Treatment - How Effective Is Colostomy Stoma

Colon Cancer Treatment – How Effective Is Colostomy Stoma

Fewer people now leave hospital with a permanent colostomy than in the past. When a section of bowel is removed from the intestine the surgeon will aim to join the two ends of healthy tissue togeth­er. If this is not possible, a false opening (stoma) is made onto the outside of the abdominal wall to allow the passage of faeces (stools). The protruding piece of bowel is sewn to the surface skin forming a colostomy (large intestine) or ileostomy (small intes­tine).

Many stoma are created as temporary measures only, to give the intestine below the surgical site time to heal, and closed at a later date. A permanent colostomy is usually necessary only if the tumor was removed from the lower part of the rectum where extensive surgery is necessary to remove the cancer tumor completely.

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Hormone Receptors and Estrogen Receptors in Human Body

Hormone Receptors and Estrogen Receptors in Human Body

All hormones have a final destination – an individual cell which the hormone has to instruct – and so another key part of the endocrine system is receptors. The surfaces of cells are covered with these receptors, which you can think of as docking bays. They are needed because most hormones can’t pass through the cell membrane, despite the fact that their message needs to be delivered to the nucleus inside the cell. They lock into ‘their’ receptor on the outside of the cell and then a strange thing happens.

It’s like a celebrity walking into your local, setting off a chain of gossip inside the pub, in which one person tells another, who tells two more and so on until there’s nobody who doesn’t know that Madonna has just bought a half of lager. However, dissemination of information needs to be translated into action. It’s as if it were understood that when Madonna appears, a specific set-piece action has to take place: the landlord is informed, he phones the News of the World, who sends round a photographer so that his boozer will be on the front page.

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Depression - Managing Your Depression with Psychotherapy

Depression – Managing Your Depression with Psychotherapy

Possible ways of managing Depression
Many treatments and therapists are available. You’ll have to decide what type of approach suits you best. Often this depends on where you live and, if you have health insurance, what type of treatment your insurance covers. A good place to start is probably with your general practitioner. He or she has a medical degree, can prescribe drugs, can investigate other possible causes for your symptoms and can refer you to local services. In urban centres, help may be available from the mental health clinic outpatient department of your local hospital.

You can be referred to a psychiatrist by your general practitioner, to be seen in his or her office. But resources are often limited, and few of these services are readily available outside of urban centres. In the UK, these services are all covered by the NHS, however, if you have health insurance most companies provide the option of receiving treatment from private psychiatric hospitals and therapy services (according to their individual criteria).

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Before Modern Medicine – America’s Historical Remedies

Via: Mocavo – Genealogy Search

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is LASIK Surgery worth it ?

Via: King Lasik

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Student Team Concocts Device for Safe Dialysis

Student Team Concocts Device for Safe Dialysis

A team of graduate students at the Anthem College formulated a device to cut the risks of clotting, infection and narrowing of the blood streams and vessels in the patient of kidney failure undergoing dialysis for cleaning blood. The device is easy to operate by the technician and is designed to be placed under the leg’s skin of the patient. It could help in monitoring the blood stream of the patient and could be easily put and removed at the start and end of the dialysis. In this way any fluctuation in the normal flow could be detected, violating the risks involved in the process.

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Massage Warehouse Oils and Lotions Are High Quality

The massage spa and clinic he was managing had many different types of clients. Some of the clients were just coming in for the typical relaxing massage. Others were coming in for therapeutic reasons. This meant he needed to make sure all of the massage therapists had the right equipment and goods for the job, which could change depending on the client. A good inventory of Massage Warehouse oils would do the trick, but he needed to be sure they really had everything his clinic needed. Ordering everything from a single location would make sense from a logistics point of view. It would certainly help to cut down on shipping costs.

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Explaining Autism to a Child

Autism is a growing concern in the United States, as well as around the world. More and more boys and girls are being diagnosed with this neurological disorder every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 20 out of every 1,000 kids in the U.S. were diagnosed with autism last year. That is an eleven percent increase since 2008. This number has been going up drastically since the 1980’s, baffling many scientists and experts.

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects a person’s ability to interact with others, as well as their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Symptoms and signs of autism are seen in kids as early as three years old, and without the proper care, this disorder can become far worse as time passes.

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Allegro Medical Incontinence Products Are a Smart Solution

Allegro Medical Incontinence Products Are a Smart Solution

Whether buying supplies for a nursing facility or a private home, it is usually going to be necessary to invest in a regular order for incontinence supplies and goods. From bed pads and adult diapers to deodorizing and sanitary sprays, this is always an ongoing demand.

Incontinence is not a single condition at a single level, however, and it may be necessary to have a lot of different goods and materials at hand. This is why Allegro Medical incontinence products make a smart solution for anyone who must provide the essentials of care to a patient or patients with incontinence issues.

Understanding the Necessary Diversity of Allegro Medical Incontinence Products

Just stop to consider a single day for someone in need of Allegro Medical incontinence products. They may need a few different changes of adult diapers throughout the day. Their bedding may need complete protection or a few pads. They may need to use deodorizing sprays to help with any odors, and they will always need wipes and washcloths that help to ensure their skin is kept as clean and as healthy as possible.

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Sustainable Ways of Eating Well

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Effective Summer Fitness Workouts

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Beyond the Value of Improved Eyesight (Infographic)

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Scrip Massage Products on Cutting Edge

Many practitioners today are including massage among the services they offer, so the selection of Scrip massage products is growing to meet their needs. From chiropractors to salons, massages are becoming more and more common. That’s true for a good reason, as they are very therapeutic and relaxing.

Of course, a lot more goes into a massage in a medical or professional setting than people think. It’s definitely not as simple as convincing a friend or loved one to take a few moments and give a shoulder massage from the comfort of the couch. Practitioners need massage tables or chairs, linens, accessories and massage tools in order to ply their trade as effectively as possible. The selection of Scrip massage products includes all of the above.

Massage Tables

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Finding Quality Massage Products At Great Prices

At Massagewarehouse, you know you’re getting the best prices around, and coupled with the highest quality products, that makes for a winning combination, no matter who you are or what your esthetics needs may be.

Massage Warehouse is your number one source for esthetic supplies, and whether you are looking for pain relief, the fastest route to relaxation, or the newest in mani-pedi products, you can rest assured that it is all in stock at the right price, thanks to the everyday low prices of massagewarehouse.com

For centuries, massages have been an extremely popular way to relax and escape from the stresses and tensions caused by work and life’s challenges. So if you are an amateur messieurs, massage therapist, or everyday person looking to relieve your muscle tension, you can find the tools and products you need to take you where you want to be.

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Finding The Best Physical Therapy Diagnostic And Evaluation Tools

Promed Products Xpress is a physical therapy supply retailer that provides quality products at reasonable prices.  The company carries a wide variety of products across modalities so that every patient’s needs are met.  Promed Products Xpress prides itself on providing quality products to physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic trainers, and other clinicians at affordable prices.  The company aims for one hundred percent customer satisfaction and thus is very easy to work with, order from. and carries.

For physical therapists and other clinicians, diagnostic and evaluation tools are of the utmost importance.  All of the treatment provided by a therapist is dependent on accurate evaluation.  As the company recognizes the importance of these products for their clients, Promed evaluation tools are comprehensive, supplying tools from nearly every major manufacturer.  Promed Products Xpress offer everything a clinician would need to accurately assess clients from diagnostic tools, range of motion measurement, scales and stadiometers, strength testing equipment and base line establishing medical equipment to chart vital signs. 

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